1.       Brief History

            (a)       Early History. During 1947, Saurashtra was a separate princely state comprising the present districts of Bhavnagar, Amreli, Junagadh, Rajkot and Surendranagar. Remaining districts of the   present Gujarat State formed part of Bombay State. In 1949, Junior Division (JD) NCC coverage was provided to the schools of Saurashtra, whereas both JD and Senior Division (SD) coverage was   subsequently provided to remaining districts of present Gujarat State (then forming part of Bombay State), under 1 Circle Cadet Corps located at Bombay. In 1955, 15 Circle Cadet Corps was formed at Jamnagar with three SD units, one each located at Rajkot, Morbi and Bhuj. In Jun 1956,Greater Bombay State emerged by merging Saurashtra State with Bombay state, which resulted in disbandment of HQ 15 Circle Cadet Corps at Jamnagar.

            (b)       Birth of Gujarat State NCC. The State of Gujarat emerged from the former Greater Bombay State on 01 May 1960. Until then, every State had a Circle HQ. 1 Circle Cadet Corps Bombay was     re-organised into 1 & 15 Circle Cadet Corps with the latter located at Ahmedabad, commanded by Lt Col AOT Paul, MARATHA LI, and started functioning at Ahmedabad from 09 May 1960. Later on 04 Feb 1963, the designation of Circle Commander changed to Director Cadet Corps, and the office was renamed as Cadet Corps Directorate Gujarat.

              (c)        NCC in Union Territories. The NCC units at Union Territory of Dadra  Nagar Haveli were grouped with NCC Directorate Gujarat on 28 Feb 1963. Subsequently, the Union Territories of   Daman & Diu were also included. Thus, the Directorate is now responsible for the NCC in whole of Gujarat State and the Union Territories of Dadra  Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu

(d)    Compulsory NCC Training. In 1962, NCC training was made compulsory for all able-bodied male students of Colleges. In order to carry out the additional task and to ensure effective Command and control, the Government of India ordered the raising of NCC Group HQ as a link between the Directorate and the units. Accordingly, the under mentioned NCC Group HQs were sanctioned for Gujarat vide Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 7741/ NCC/ PLG/ 1320-B/D (GS-VI) dated 10 Apr 1964:-

(i)         NCC Group HQ (A), Ahmedabad.

(ii)        NCC Group HQ (B), Ahmedabad.

          (iii)       NCC Group HQ (C), Ahmedabad.

          (iv)       NCC Group HQ, Vadodara .

(v)        NCC Group HQ, Rajkot.

          (vi)       NCC Group HQ, Surat.

          (vii)      NCC Group HQ, Vallabh Vidya Nagar. (V V Nagar)

(e)       Re-structuring.  Subsequently,  NCC Group HQ (C) Ahmedabad, was moved to Bhavnagar and designated as NCC Group HQ Bhavnagar vide Govt  of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 5401/  NCC/ PLG/ 7037/ D(GS-IV) dated 17 Dec 1964.  NCC Group HQ (B), Ahmedabad was disbanded on 02 Feb 1969, as per Directorate General NCC letter No 2889/ 23/ NCC/ Planning dated 28 Oct 1968. Thus, there is now only one Group HQ in Ahmedabad. NCC Group HQ Bhavnagar and Surat were disbanded during re-organisation vide Directorate General NCC letter No 1889/ 2/ DG NCC/Planning dated 03 Feb 1977. A total of 20 units were also disbanded in the entire State. In expansion plan of phase III, one Gp HQ at Jamnagar, 06 Naval Units and 01 Army Unit were raised vide Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 7763/Gp HQ/Jamnagar/NCCHQ/ Plg/1023/D(GS-VI) dated 27 Oct 2015.

(f)        Current Status. The Directorate today has five Groups under command as under:-

   (i)         NCC Group HQ, Ahmedabad.

   (ii)        NCC Group HQ, Vadodara.

   (iii)       NCC Group HQ, Rajkot.

   (iv)       NCC Group HQ, Vallabh Vidya Nagar (V V Nagar).

             (v)        NCC Group HQ, Jamnagar (New Raising).




1.         NCC Gp, Ahmedabad (Total 11 Units).             Ahmedabad Gp covers five districts of Gujarat, namely Ahmedabad, Gandhinaggar, Banaskantha, Patan and Mehsana.There are 11 Units under the Group. The details with location are mentioned below :-

             (a)   1 Guj Bn NCC, Ahmedabad 

              (b)  7 Guj Bn NCC, Mehsana

              (c)  9 Guj Bn NCC, Ahmedabad 

              (d)  35 Guj Bn NCC, Palanpur

              (e)   2 Guj (I) Coy NCC, Gandhinagar

              (f)   1 Guj Armd Sqn NCC, Ahmedabad 

              (g)  1 Guj Arty Bty NCC, Ahmedabad

              (h)  1 Guj Compo (T) Coy NCC, Ahmedabad 

               (j)  1 Guj Naval Unit NCC, Ahmedabad 

               (k) 2 Guj Air Sqn NCC, Ahmedabad 

               (l)  1 Guj Girls Bn NCC, Ahmedabad

2.         NCC Gp, Vadodara (Total 9 Units).        Vadodara Gp covers nine districts of Gujarat, namely Vadodara, Surat, Chhota Udepur, Narmada, Bharuch, Tapi, Dang, Valsad, Navsari and Union Territory Daman and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Respectively. There are 09 units under the Group. The details with location are mentioned below:-

               (a)   3 Guj Bn NCC, Vadodara

               (b)  5 Guj Bn NCC, Surat 

               (c)   20 Guj Bn NCC, Navsari 

               (d)  3 Guj (I) Coy NCC, Rajpipla 

               (e)   1 Guj Compo (T) Regt NCC, Vadodara 

               (f)   1 Guj Air Sqn NCC, Vadodara

               (g)   2 Guj Naval Unit NCC, Vadodara 

               (h)  9 Guj Naval Unit NCC, Navsari 

               (j)   6 Guj Girls Bn NCC, Surat 

3.         NCC Gp, Rajkot (Total 08 Units).            Rajkot Gp covers nine districts of Gujarat namely Rajkot, Morbi, Surendranagar, Porbandar, Botad, Amreli, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Gir-Somnath and Union Territory of Diu respectively. There are 08 units under the Group.  The details with location are mentioned below :-

              (a)   2 Guj Bn NCC, Rajkot 

              (b)   6 Guj Bn NCC, Bhavnagar 

              (c)   8 Guj Bn NCC, Junagadh

              (d)   26 Guj Bn NCC, Surendrangar

              (e)    3 Guj Air Sqn NCC, Bhavnagar

              (f)    3 Guj Naval Unit NCC, Bhavnagar 

              (g)    2 Guj Girls Bn NCC, Rajkot 

              (h)    3 Guj Girls Bn NCC, Bhavnagar

4.         NCC Gp, VV Nagar (Total 07 Units).      V V Nagar Gp covers eight districts of Gujarat, namely Kheda, Sabarkantha, Aravali, Mahisagar, Panchmahal, Dahod and Anand. There are 07 units under the Group. The details with location are mentioned below :-

              (a)    4 Guj Bn NCC, V V Nagar

              (b)   13 Guj Bn NCC, V V Nagar

              (c)   28 Guj Bn NCC, Nadiad

              (d)   30 Guj Bn NCC, Godhra 

              (e)    34 Guj Bn NCC, Himatnagar

              (f)     2 Guj Compo (T) Coy NCC, V V Nagar

              (g)    4 Guj Girls Bn NCC, V V Nagar

5.         NCc Gp, Jamnagar (New Raising) (Total 08 Units).     Jamnagar Group covers five districts of Gujarat, namely Jamnagar, Bhuj, Dev Bhumi Dwarka, Porbandar, Junagadh and Union Teritory Diu. There are 08 units under the Group. The details whith locations are mentioned below:-

              (a)    27 Guj Bn NCC, Jamnagar 

              (b)   36 Guj Bn NCC, Bhuj 

              (c)   4  Guj Naval Unit NCC, Porbandar 

              (d)   5 Guj Naval Unit NCC, Bhuj

              (e)   6 Guj Naval Unit NCC, Gandhidham 

              (f)   7 Guj Naval Unit NCC, Veraval 

              (g)  8 Guj Naval Unit NCC, Jamnagar 

              (h)  Sainik School Coy NCC, Balachhadi

Additional Director General

1.         Major General Arvind Kapoor, a 1986 batch Indian Army Officer is a graduate of the National Defence Academy, Pune and the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.

2.         Before coming to head the NCC Directorate in Gujarat, he was the Chief of Staff in Leh, Ladakh, a High Altitude Area, responsible for the planning and execution of the operational logistics for the entire area. In 2020, the officer assumed the responsibility of coordinating and executing the largest joint logistics operation, ever undertaken by the Indian Army, along with the Air Force, ensuring the induction and sustenance of all the troops, including Mechanized Forces, brought into Leh, Ladakh, to counter the Chinese. The entire build up was undertaken and executed during the global COVID pandemic, ensuring that the troops were effectively insulated for operational deployment.

3.         As part of the overall time that Major General Arvind Kapoor spent in Leh, Ladakh, in addition to his numerous other responsibilities, he had the privilege of meeting the Hon’ble Prime Minister, and a host of other dignitaries who visited Leh, Ladakh during that period. In September 2020, he was made responsible for the complete planning and execution of the media campaigns, highlighting the operational and logistics readiness of the Indian Army in Eastern Ladakh. This was widely covered by all media houses, both nationally and internationally.

4.         In addition to considerable instructional experience, both at the junior and senior levels, the officer has written professional articles on varied subjects, which have been published in numerous military journals. In 2015-16, he was a regular speaker on “Leadership & Ethical Values”, at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA), Ahmedabad. In 2017, he was nominated to the Indian Army’s Board of Officers for the formulation of syllabus on Leadership Training and Leadership Guidelines for the Field Army. This was followed by his nomination, in April 2018, to head an Indian Army delegation from the Army War College, Mhow (MP), to the National Defense University, Washington DC, USA.

5.         The officer has been awarded twice during his Service, with the Chief of Army Staff and the General Officer Commanding in Chief Commendation Cards.

6.         Major General Arvind Kapoor is married to Mrs Sarita Kapoor, a Masters in Social Work, who has been contributing tremendously towards social causes for women in Leh, Ladakh in general, and for families of Indian Army soldiers over the years, in particular.  She is also a passionate high end western and Indian apparel designer. They have two children, an elder daughter, Enaayat, working in Canada, as a Child & Youth Care counsellor and a younger son, Adit, working with Byjus.

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